Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Between stirring hard surface and emerging hidden reality

Recently, I’ve been looking at the Chora’ works with their projects like ‘Stirring the city’ or ‘Urban flotsam’ and tried to understand meaning of every single piece of maps.
But it’s hard.
Like James Corner said, Raoul Bunshoten’s mapping is appeared in different angle from Rem Koolhaas or Peter Eisenman. Not just drifting, layering, but as a game-board. Game means making an individual play rule and actioning it and enjoying or waiting unexpected results. I couldn’t understand all his rules and action methods but in the middle of reading, I became curios about what is the boarder of map between map stirring action or idea and sketch or diagram on the abstract boundary of existing map.
I am not skeptical on Chora group’s works. Rather, I really like their new methodology of urbanism but just wonder of what is the limit of mapping.
If map is a tool for communication with certain information, maps having a code which should be decoded by a rule of action like Chora’s map can be defined as a map? If communication is not matter on the map, what would be a difference between maps and diagrams?

Jungmi Won

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