Tuesday, August 28, 2007

cindy moon_reading response

In my mind, mapping is usually for analysis. However, Corner said mapping has more possibilities than what we thought before. As we mentioned in class, information is over flooding. To make it useful to act in real life, we need to re-create the information and mapping could be one of the useful ways.

Through the mapping, as corner said, information enables to reveal, actualize and make relation from hidden potential status. After it becomes living context, it could perform as cultural intervention.

Mapping is considered as neutral because it doesn’t mean beginning nor end but is about relationship or middle of some uncertain question. So mapping is usually used to search for relation which looks like that there is no relationship but there is something.

Even though corner wrote about possibility of mapping, I am little bit skeptical because it is sometimes impossible to express that emotional relationship between people or between cities and people by mapping. We could explain the situation verbally and understand, however, it is not easy to make data as mapping. For example, I don’t like to see homeless people during night and it could be understandable to everyone. However, I don’t know what street I will walk to escape from them. And how I can make mapping which I don’t know and I don’t decide. Just spreading out the possibilities is not going to be the mapping, is it?
So I really want to experience that what is the limitation of mapping and how I can maximize its potentiality.

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