Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Edvin_Bylander on Corner

One thing that pop up in my mind as I read Corner, is a concept me and a friend was joking about last summer. We were talking about "future memories" i.e. dreams / future plans that never became reality. Somehow these dreams are important even though you didn't fulfill them. The dreams and plans are as much a part of a human being's life as all other events that "actually happened".
According to this, the spacial timeline of a person's life would be a tracing, one path, but all of the memories would be the map of the life that actually was lived. A person might at one point rewrite the route through the map for instance in the case of senility, letting one part of their "life-rhizome" grow to re-order the past chronology. Someone might for instance at an old age remember a high-school crush as the love of her life in favor for a partner since 40 years.

This is maybe in one way un-mappable, but that might not be the most interesting. The big question is rather if it only is a metaphor?
Another objective that I find important is what would be the right word for reality? If all realities are equal in one sense, how do you sort out the ones that are un-real, not inte the meaning of fictional, abstract or immaterial, but the ones that simply is spam or badly put together?

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