Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A thesis statement_jungmi

Networking The unaccepted

Thesis :
Conversing the notion of private and public SF

For :
Creasing fixed living logic and creating a possibility of living pattern for active atmosphere in street level

By way of :
Publicizing privatized unaccepted streets by the highly private program

Programed as :
Living in the street/ Zip-zip living room / Extended tissue of clothing

For now..
Struggling to find a form which can be working well.

Module 1,2,3 I imagined.

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nicholas said...

Jungmi - I will send you a separate email about your thesis statement but I think things are going in a good direction. I especially like the inference from the last plan (image number 4) that the form and disposition of your spaces follow a 'tree logic' as they mass and arrange each other in plan -- and potentially section!