Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Is it a coincidence that after reading both articles and typing this response that my brain/fingers keep trying to capitalize the word diagram when I type it??

Diagramming is like going to church: We should all be doing it and preaching its virtues to our friends. For all of our architecture projects, and especially this digital atmospheres studio, diagramming is a key design tool and process. I’m converted!

Allen writes that a diagram architecture has the potential to be much more significant than how the architecture is ever actually realized. Successful diagrammatic architecture gives maximum performative effects with an ability to multiply its effects and scenarios, and doesn’t rely on its embedded content for any sort of justification.
Van Berkel and Bos describe diagramming as crucial in design to prevent a preemptive superimposing or fixing certain typologies. By designing in diagram, concepts such as function, construction, and interpretation occur “naturally” to the design, and thus it becomes unencumbered by any sort of fixed typology.

As architects interesting in the temporal and atmospheric, diagramming will allow any strong foundation and concept in our design to be maintained as we bring temporal atmospheric elements that are in constant change, as well as when we form a design concept and parameter to be used on multiple streets and spaces. Diagramming will also help to prevent these outside factors and elements that we are bringing into our program from over-encumbering the design.

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