Saturday, October 6, 2007

'Systematic distortion'

The city people aware of would be definitely different from real condition because people’s cognition totally depends on their personal experience and ways they perceive spaces.
Multi-dimension containing emotional and intuitive component is already compounded and mixed one coming through long history and memory, not just accumulated layers that we can excavate out backwards. So I didn’t think we can peel off those dimensions layer by layer and scrutinized each inside skins.
In that sense, systematic distortion about center of Paris was most interesting to me in this article. It’s because that means psychological dimension might be measured and demonstrated by physical forms at some points. Beyond that, physical forms probably be animated affected purely by the psychological dimension from the scratch in a way. Of cause, every moment architecture should met other field of study such as psychology, philosophy or sociology other than engineering, I cannot 100% convince its possibility and get frustrated. But, continuously trying to find the link or junction with other fields might be the destiny of architecture because of a simple reason we are dealing with territory of people’s life which is not tangible just by a field.

Response to Olafur Eliasson’s exhibition

The exhibition was not that impressive in terms of its scale and setting showing atmospheres which is the main agenda of his works.
When I saw a photo about the ‘sun’ in Tate modern, I was amazed just by its vague energy but way of display and pieces in SFMOMA were not satisfying to me. I might had too high expectation.
Other than that,I can’t get clear notion of the ice car. I wondered why he made another monster which has frozen steel cover. Was that for capsulating and freezing our most convenient tool at a moment as for global warming issue? Or was it for showing ugly organs of car when earth becomes warm? Steel mesh, many piece of mirrors, ice and form of second surface, grammar of design language is not clear and corresponding with its agenda.

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