Saturday, October 27, 2007

re: Friday scripting discussion

For those who missed the discussion on Friday, I thought I'd recap a bit. We came to a consensus that in order to understand in what ways scripting will be useful to us, we need to break it up into bite-sized pieces. For Monday, we are reading the rhino scripting tutorial that Christian sent out last week. It's a good introduction to the general idea of scripting and scripting language, and in a few places the reading gets a little 'saucy'. We like it.

The next step is to figure out how we will get to do what we want to do (presuming that after studio on Monday we will have a good picture of what we want to do). We will divide ourselves up into groups that are looking into ways of scripting the input and output through various programs... arcgis, photoshop, rhino, etc. One question most of us have is how to manipulate that intermediate format, whether it be a text document or excel spreadsheet, into something that is legible across multiple programs. For example, someone might look into how arcgis can be scripted to extract data from a query. Someone else might then study how that data can be manipulated by rhino in ways that are useful to our investigation of unaccepted streets. Another team might then look at the export from rhino into laser cutting files, or a series of scripted views or animations. Yet another team might investigate the automation of manipulating renderings from rhino in a scripted photoshop operation to achieve different effects (how many skins can you wrap around an object?)

It might sound like a lot of work, but if we're going to pull this off we've got to do it as team.

Any other thoughts since Friday?


Matt Baran said...

All I can think is that it was really appropriate that it was your suggestion to include the boundary on the map. You're like the big delimiting factor that keeps us all together. Thanks Nick.

Nick Sowers said...

I do what I can to keep the family together. I do it for the kids.