Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Unit structure

Image reference

Things are not well illustrated for now. But I think folding structure and skin system can be identified with these diagrams and images.

Frames of each unit respond to light and temperature. Each frame extends when temperature gets higher then, the crease of skin (made of fabric) stretches and the wall of each unit becomes thinner. The wall will be thicker at night.
When sun shine is strong, pores between crease muscles (I am not sure about this. But I am coming up with orange cell) get darker so, inside of the unit have certain quality of light during day time. If those pores can save daytime light, it can be used at nighttime. (It looks technically difficult)

Living units can be assembled horizontally and vertically. The sticks attached around units sometimes function as bridge or stair frame between units and sometimes become scaffolds to be stood up or hangers.


chris d said...

the image of neon flexi- or bendi-straws comes to mind too.

(i don't think you can post images in a comment.)

chris d said...
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chris d said...

have a look at this too:

Anonymous said...

Yes Chris.
You showed me the Molodesign works last semester when I wrestled with the pool bubble.
(I gotta leave the image reference tag. thanks.)

chris d said...

ha! i'd completely forgotten about that. i guess we're destined to be bubble girl and spud boy!