Sunday, November 25, 2007


My latest attempt to 1. create an automated system to extract and process information and 2. to modify space in time based on data input. This is an extension of previous investigations, but hopefully with more control over space (as opposed to broadcast).

The data is extracted by performing a trace on the image of site to extract available margins, and then extruding those spaces based on topographic data. One problem that arises is that this is really a 2 dimensional operation. The sections need to be developed manually.

You can get some sense of the space from the sketchy animations...


Nick Sowers said...
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Nick Sowers said...

I'm not sure what I'm seeing but it looks interesting.

what is it specifically about topography that extrudes these shapes? Also, what is the scale of time that we are seeing in the animations?

it looks like you are crafting the space of the freeway, but what about what is leftover from your intervention?

Matt Baran said...

As far as topography it would be related to heights of spaces, it would conform to the topography of the landscape as well as the freeway, but that should also mean the underside of freeways, etc. The interesting thing is that it is conceivable that the topographic information, along with open space and freeways could be combined in ArcGIS in a manner that would allow you to derive this form 'systematically', perhaps creating an 'abstract machine'.

As far as the what about what, I'm still working with the idea of slowing the space. I'm thinking the form of the space (narrower, shorter, striated) might begin to suggest a manner of slowness that moves beyond the 'slow' sign... space about slow?

chris d said...

i'd echo nick's sentiments -- not sure what i'm looking at, content-wise, but it looks damn cool.

look forward to hearing about it tomorrow

Nick Sowers said...

It sounds like progress to me, to shift from focus on the sign to the space as a slowing agent. is the program still an art school, or is it now shifting according to its location (as in Christian's case)?