Sunday, November 11, 2007

residual diagnoses, v.1

i can't recall seeing any in SF...

urban drinking fountain
the public drinking fountain is a wonderful urban amenity (if not a vital resource in some places) which, while ubiquitous in many cities overseas, is less commonly found in american cities. as a runner, i've always mentally marked their locations and am an enthusiastic user. a wholly positive contribution to urban life, they make my life better.

would SF benefit from a comprehensive network of fountains, especially if they were self-sufficient?

any other unshared diagnoses exist out there?


Christian said...

who's going to pay for them? evian? a nickel for a drink? ;-)

I don't think anyone would say that drinking fountains are bad.

What could be "networked" about fountains?

chris d said...

hey smarta** (j/k)

i think that would be the challenge, to see if they could be self-supporting using the resources of any particular site. i think the programmatic link is enough (urban amenity).

admittedly, it's an urban diagnosis without a systematic analysis of the UAS's.