Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Site Model Projection Central

D.A. Studio:

I thought I would start a thread where we can pin up ideas about how to organize the projected maps for our site model.

One thing we didn't mention at our meeting was the potential to project our walks. It would be neat just to see all of the GPS-mapped walks in one image.

What are the most useful ways to break down the unaccepted streets into bite sized pieces? I'll start with a few--
1. pedestrian way/street/freeway ramp
2. slope
3. width 0, 0-30, 30+
4. sidewalk/no sidewalk
5. adjacent or under freeway/ghost freeway
6. DPW jursidiction?



cindy liu said...


Matt Baran said...
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Matt Baran said...

The taxonomy SoRae and I came up with was:

Intersectional Voids: The leftover spaces along market (and elsewhere) that were leftover when competing grids intersect

Valleys: Private alleyways typically downtown and surrounded by tall buildings but also elsewhere (Balmy?).

Crossings: Streets that were erased by infrastructure and have either been reborn, or not.

Scars: Crossing or other typologies that have been reborn as apparently ordinary streets

Topographic Anomalies: Streets that are disconnected by virtue of their slope. This would include the stairs, etc.

Paper Streets: Streets planned but not built

Zero Streets: Streets that are disassociated with the fabric in terms of property and orientation, and exist in between infrastructure and the grid.

I'm sure these intersect / overlap, and there are some that we missed...

Nick Sowers said...


Would you be willing to take charge of the typologies? Some one could help you with that (for example I have the rail file and I've already established the unaccepted streets which exist along old rail lines).

We also need to delegate a few other tasks: someone should compile the 10 streets for each person (that will be easy if we send an arcgis layer file of our streets). That person could also assemble the walks. Then we should designate a person to take Matt's taxonomy, the selected unaccepted streets, and the walks and assemble them into a series of exported jpegs. Any takers?