Sunday, September 9, 2007

Conventional Wisdom vs. Careri?

Matt wrote that these voids often contain the darker side of the urban condition. I agree that conventional wisdom and my own personal “bias” tell me that within these systems of urban voids, we will more often find crime and depravity than not. However, I am under the impression that Careri has a much more optimistic feeling about these voids and how they represent us as a civilization in our unconscious, multiple becoming.

Conventional wisdom and personal bias versus Careri: I guess we can’t figure out who is more right unless we set out to discover it ourselves! Hopefully we will find a “lightness” rather than a darkness when we wander in these places beyond surveillance, control, and full of spontaneity and freedom.


I found Careri’s description of the new “barbarians” humorous and relatable: Those diffuse settlers who live outside of the most elementary civil and urban laws, because they exist only in their homes, their offices, their cars and occasionally the shopping mall. These are the barbarians that obliviously stand to the left on the escalator, stop in the middle of a crowded sidewalk, and stop at red lights only when they have completely blocked the crosswalk. Savages!!

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Matt Baran said...

I agree that perception can be related to personal bias, however I might be disappointed if the nomadic spaces aren't a little on the dark side...