Wednesday, September 26, 2007

not worried

I thought the jury discussion today was great. They questioned a lot of assumptions we have been making and it all really provides us with a good step back from the work. Now thinking about the unaccepted streets, I suddenly feel that we needn't think of them as purely physical sites. Maybe I've been slow to get this, but it all seems so clear now, this gap between administration and operation that Nicholas has been talking about. As we think of who our 'client' is, our public audience, it clarifies how we may frame these sites. If the client is the city, we must question them not just as geographic fragments but as administrative, bureaucratic fragments. This is an opportunity to plumb the depths of the capitalist system and find action/reaction to that system by a means that is not marginal. We are to take the very system that generates and 'administrates' unaccepted streets and turn it into a productive system for discovering possible future uses.

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