Saturday, September 22, 2007

Edwin and Chris thesis

Panopticonically Known: San Francisco topography, locations of resevoirs, lakes, ocean, bay, water infrastructure, and streets, both accepted and unaccepted

Uknown: evidence of other forms of water

A planimetric view of San Francisco presents a geographically dynamic field composed of various water systems and topography. Evidence of water is an impetus for an encounter with these knowns.

Through the mapping of a recursively systematic walk we intend to decipher local phenomena that might reveal itself in relation to water. Of particular interest are other forms of water whose confluence create atmospheric qualities visible only through the construction of a space of going. A mapping of water at multiple temporal scales would reveal a contemporary texturology specific to San Francisco, leading to a projection 50 years into the future.

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Nick Sowers said...

sounds very ambitious, I like it! the crystal ball with San Francisco in the center is a liquid water crystal ball. See through your goldfish eyeglasses a world no one has seen before.