Monday, September 3, 2007

Purpose of mapping

Corner might think ‘Million dollar block’ developed nice process of ‘field’, ‘extracts’ and ‘plotting’ and operation as well as the topic is also innovational.-“The layers are not mapping of an existing site or context, but of the complexity of the intended programme for the site.- P235: 20.
Yet, I am continuously confusing about the meaning of mapping between finding reality and a tool for creation.

An image as the format of map is definitely having power itself because it looks like representing more accurate information about reality than images and photos. So, I would say mapping is a powerful tool for presentation as well as promotion of architecture and urban planning.
Million dollar block is effective in terms of making issue and showing it to random people. But to me, it is slightly reluctant to accept as information at some point.

Why people are using map? It’s because they believe information on map has objective validity. If it does, how we can use the map as our tool for extending our territory of thought without harming the original pureness of map.
How much can we cook up reality on the white field.

Are we all free from the responsibility mediating reality to people if we want to test and challenge our territory?
Can we say the reason many architects now obsess mapping instead of diagramming is not related with promotional or presentational purpose like Christian mentioned?

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