Monday, September 17, 2007

Space of going /me of going

Sense of place, the notion that architecture is started in the space of staying might be a huge principle that many architects still believe. However, as we stare at the nomadism, the world becomes more complicate and rich with the different dimension. It’s time by journey. It is not the time while a girl is looking at the clock and feeling the time goes, but the time while a girl cannot feel the time is going when she is walking. It is because the sense of time in the normadism cannot be detached form the sense of place as the pure time itself. So, I agree with that different use of space is also different use of time.

As a body experiences a continuous time line, we can say the time line is same when we move around. But as a body experience different space, we can also say the time is different when we are in the difference place because human sense is mostly affected by the sense of place than sense of time itself.
Liquid space, ephemeral accident which is only existed till others erase it, might be highly dependent on time as a strict system but, at the view of nomads, the system might not be crucial component. To them, important thing is the change of time mode or place in their time line not the time system inside the space they pass by.

Actual concept of nomadism couldn’t be realized in the architectural world because it has the sense beyond five sense. It involves shift of sense not the sixth sense for now.
Extra value we could get while we were struggling with nomadism is the tool we can read the space which is full of nomadic components. We got many ways include artistic, emotional or indivisual ways to express flow, energy, entropy and power. One thing I feel thirsty is the scientific ways to record its movement.

From the menhir as the first staying agianst nomadic life to the situationalist’ proposal going back to nomadism, we had quiet long walking in terms of cognition system in the architectural view. We are already ready to see the invisible but we don’t have many apparatus to see it yet.

Different use of space also different use of time.

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