Monday, September 3, 2007

what the information is for?

As James corner's article, mapping has so many possibilities. However, in this Million Dollar Blocks, it just showed us the possibilities and doesn’t have any further step.
First of all, the relationship between city structure and criminal activities was interesting. We usually assume there would be something and try to be far away from the prisons and jails. So this mapping process tried to show us through the urban scale diagram activity. However, in my opinion, it just ended as the information.
Anyone can hardly expect what could happen for the next architectural gesture using this mapping. If this mapping stopped in this step, it will be the source for sociology or urban studies not for architecture. I believe architecture is doing for physical things.
As I read the James corner article, I was skeptical that without any efficient evidence, he told mapping could be the basic step of performance. I know mapping is so important to prepare the cooking. However, I think we need to consider how to cook with different and diverse materials and make them harmonious.
I think James corner also want to see the next step of milling dollar blocks. And it could have real meaning for the real output in the city, even though we are not sure every our choice is good.

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