Sunday, September 30, 2007

Secret key but not secret anymore

In the early age of internet society, information we can get from internet world was objective untouchable contents. Somebody made it and other people accepted it. Now, the contents are interconnected flexible one that people can massage with their participation. Projecting their opinion and data they get into the computer interface is not unfamiliar acting anymore. At some point, this would be the reason making internet information less legitimated and more vulnerable and ephemeral. This tendency was same as the early and current mass media at certain level even though the individual power cannot be compared with media’s entire legacy. I assume mapping might be same. GIS was a professional specific technology of geographic field but now we are using it, trying to culminate its meaning toward valuable directions and visualizing its data into the real world. In recent future, people might be able to make their own maps about tremendous level of information because visualizing information and displaying it is people’s basic desire at some point. ‘Watch person project’ would not be only one housed by community organization down the road. Responsive map is also possible. Then, credibility of maps can be a crucial issue. However, before worrying about its dangerousness, I would imagine its potentials.
In a sense, displayed data, maps of spaces would definitely become catalysts for new storytelling, planning and argument about city like Peter Hall mentioned. So, in my premature opinion, mapping might be a secret key to narrow down the gap between physical and nonphysical human environment so connect real and internet world but, which will be common sense someday.

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