Sunday, September 30, 2007

mapping as street science

map is information, however, it also has the power.
with our own view, we could generate different maps as we did using diverse database
and it could appeal to others to act for the city
also if map exclude some information, we couldn't know what happens beyond that.
it is more like contemporary techno society.
who gets the information has the power and could control the space.
however, when we see the situation like pollution and trash map, we couldn't hide tingle experience that we could change the power using the established map-system

also as we see else/where, maps are becoming the live-commuication method.
before the technology time- map is just paper printed inact information.
however, through GPS, we could access live, and active informtion time by time
eventhough, we are not sure how it relates to space or architecure yet. However, through this machine, people could react and respond the information of space, and they could change the atomosphere temporalily.

even though it's alittle bit afraid who could know how to control this method and try to dominate the space. however, it is also interesting to me how people react against the system and systemized device and map

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