Monday, September 10, 2007

walking in the city_cindy moon

I love walking in the city. As the article said, I could feel city or I am changing in very seconds through my step. Even though many people are walking in the city, people became the unidentified objects. And city is communicating with each of the object to change its text. In this sense, I really liked this article in spite of its difficulty.
This article is talking about the transformation of the concept of city. Regulated and systemized urban organization could have a crack from the movement of people’s walking. And this fragment create the another appearance of city and makes the city identify itself differently.
also moment experience by walking is quite unique.unidentified people share the street at the same time and appropriate the city for a moment. even though I don't know how it relates with rehetoric concept. however physical walking activity affects to out psychological experience and also affect to other unknown peoples's.

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