Monday, September 17, 2007

Some Thoughts on a Revised Thesis

Upon closer, ground level inspection, the 9ZeroZero thesis is born out / holds true and is simultaneously differentiated into various singular and plural readings. First, the identified topographies must be seen as more of a topology, or perhaps more accurately a contrast between point set topology and point-less topology. Point set in that it can be seen as the analysis of spatial concepts such as compactness, connectedness, and countability, and pointless in that it studies these lattices without consideration for points. A veritable mobius strip (two sides of the same coin) instead of opposing topographies (of which we should have noted three, possibly four originally, not two).

However continuous the pointless strip is, it still has distinct transitions. These transitions, formerly topographies, are the distinctions previously mentioned and should still remain identified as geometric and anthropological, nomadic and settled, smooth and striated; but these are not in opposition, they intersect, overlap and integrate. This should inform a map of absolute unintelligible lines, but we give it order. Such is our disposition.

In addition to the 3 transitional spatial systems a second order of classification is revealed, the organization and categorization of unaccepted streets. This categorization can be broken down into categories of the bridge, the void, the unbuildable, and the ‘to be built’. A third observed system is that of the activity that orders these spaces. It has been identified by the presence of people and trash cans. This system is temporal in nature and therefore demands further investigation. It is most relevant to moving forward into a more 'atmospheric' realm, and to dealing with the matter that surrounds such atmosphere.

Now, only 72 more pages of Careri.

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